Traffic Engineering

OEG is qualified to perform various traffic engineering designs, reports, studies and evaluations, including traffic signal designs, signing and striping plans, construction area traffic control plans, sign inventories, radar speed studies, and traffic/parking counts. These technical designs are prepared in accordance with Federal, State and Local standards.

Generally, these reports and plans are prepared in cooperation and coordination with the Client and Agency Staff including:

  • Planning, design, construction assistance, and technical review of efforts directed to roadway design, traffic signals, roadside safety features, signage and striping programs, pavement maintenance programs and related features and activities.

  • Design and preparation of construction documents for traffic signal designs, signal and sign warrants, pavement markings and sign placement, construction area traffic control plan preparation, crash data analysis and evaluation, sight distance analysis, etc.

  • Work with civil engineering companies on roadway design as related to traffic engineering design principles.

  • Assisting various clients with processing projects with Caltrans and other regional/State agencies that require permitting of transportation related improvement projects.

  • OEG has a good working relationship with the various divisions within Caltrans, such as Permits, Operations, Electrical Operations and Design.

  • Assisting municipal agency staff with projects when staff resources don't match project delivery needs.

  • Continuing Education and Professional Development.

  • Active Involvement with Professional Societies such as ITE - Institute of Transportation Engineers, APWA- American Public Works Association