Transportation Planning

OEG Is Qualified to prepare various transportation reports, studies and evaluations. We perform traffic planning and development review projects in a manner that insures projects are designed to acceptable professional & Agency specific standards. Our approach is to work with the Client to develop scopes of work that address the specific needs of the project. These studies could include: Trip Generation Studies, Traffic Impact Studies, Intersection Operation and Level of Service calculations, EIR sections, Parking Supply-Demand Studies, Speed Zone Studies, and Sight Distance Evaluations. Many of these transportation studies are related to municipal transportation engineering.

Generally, these studies are accomplished in cooperation and coordination with the Client and Agency Staff including:

  • Developing deeper understanding of the Agency traffic and transportation standards and principles through a close working relationship with Agency Staff.

  • Meeting with Client's to completely understand their needs of the work to be completed before and during the engagement, so that they understand what is being done.

  • Assisting municipal staff with projects when staff resources don't match project delivery needs.

  • Providing consistency with transportation planning services for development review projects that are processed through the Agency development review process.

  • Working with various environmental planning firms to prepare Traffic and Transportation Sections for environmental reviews.

  • Evaluation of roadway and intersection impacts and mitigation measures for development impact analysis.