What We Do

Orosz Engineering Group, Inc.

OEG has prepared numerous traffic engineering reports using the Federal, State and local Standards. These engagements have included transportation planning studies for development review, traffic signal warrants analyses, traffic signal designs, construction area traffic control plans, pavement marking and delineation plans.


OEG has experience in the following areas of Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning:

  • Planning - Preparation of Traffic Impact Studies, EIR sections, Parking Supply Demand Studies.

  • Design – Preparation of Traffic Signal Design, warrants, pavement markings and sign placement, construction area traffic control plan preparation, crash data analysis and evaluation, sight distance analysis, radar speed studies, etc.

  • Peer Review - Conduct peer review of planning studies and reports or construction documents. Coordinated Review - Work with Civil Engineering companies on roadway design as related to traffic engineering design principles.

  • Computer Aided Design Work - Work with Synchro 7, Highway Capacity Manual Software (HCM), AutoCAD and AutoTURN.

  • ITS Technical Assistance – Design of intersection and highway lighting systems, traffic signal timing.